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Brain foggy? Your liver could be telling you there’s something wrong

Brain foggy? Your liver could be telling you there’s something wrong
Writer and expert5 months ago
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Lost your train of thought? We’ve all had those moments, but if ‘brain fog’ is happening often, it can be a sign of something more serious. One thing that can sometimes cause a debilitating lack of mental clarity is poor liver function.

According to the British Liver Trust, there’s a link between a congested liver and brain fog, as a lack of mental clarity (including periods of confusion or poor memory) can be a sign of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (usually in its more advanced stages).

One of the key functions of the liver is to neutralise and eliminate excess toxins in the body. If your liver is impaired or damaged, these toxins can build up and this might have an impact on your brain function. The liver also plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates in your diet. It stores excess glucose from the food you eat in the form of glycogen, which is used for energy later on when the body most needs it.

If the liver is damaged, the less able it is to work efficiently. A consequence is that more toxins may be present in your bloodstream, and your energy levels can be lower, both of which might lead to brain fog. The brain-body connection means that by taking steps to improve your liver health, you’ll potentially boost mental clarity.

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To help boost your liver function and restore your mental clarity, try:

  • Staying properly hydrated – this makes it easier for the liver to filter out toxins and chemicals from your blood.
  • Minimising toxin exposure – reducing or abstaining from alcohol, eating a healthy, balanced diet that’s rich in fruit and veg, and avoiding processed foods. This can help your liver better repair itself and provide your brain with enough energy to function well.
  • Supporting your liver’s ability to both detoxify and produce energy. Taking a daily supplement could boost your liver’s health and function. De-liver-ance is a new, premium antioxidant supplement elixir that supports normal liver function by using cutting-edge 21-century science in molecular biology and a potent blend of 14 highly effective, vegetarian-friendly ingredients, inspired by 5,000 years of traditional herbal medicine.

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Writer and expert
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